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Return Policy

This package has been sealed and should only be opended by he intented recipient. If you are not the intented recipient or it has been mistakenly delivered to you, kindly return to us by calling +234(0) 1 7005571.

To return a product, kindly contact Customer Service Rep. via call – 01700557 or your designated sales representative within 48 hours of receiving the product. A return officer will schedule a pickup upon confirmation from any of our team.

Goods received cannot be returned after 72hours (3 days) of delivery. Cold chain products, Injectibles and Controlled drugs cannot be returned once received. They can only be returned immediately at the point of supply.

Drugstoc E-hub reserves the right to reject any returned item if:

  • Without a Goods Returned Notes
  • found damaged or compromised in any way,
  • it does not match the exact batch delivered
  • Tampered with using inks, tags etc